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Susan Hoover 2019 Update

Dog Days of Summer

Heroic Faith

Heroic Faith Sermon Series

World Changers

Easter 2019 – Rise!

Full On : Being a fully devoted follow of Jesus Christ

Sermon Series - Full On

In Full On, we examine what it means to be a Fully Devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Join us as we dig into 7 markers along the path from spiritually hungry to full devotion.

NineBeats : An intro to the Sermon on the Mount

Ninebeats - An Introduction to the Beatitudes

What does it mean to live the good life? Are you happy? Living the dream? Philosophers, theologians and mystics from every worldview has struggled with the answer to these questions. But Jesus clearly sums up for those that follow him what it means to be blessed. These blessings connect with the real struggles of our lives.

Join us on the journey as we study the beatitudes in Matthew 5 as the introduction to Jesus most influential teaching, the sermon on the mount. Discover the rhythm of a life in step with Jesus.

Touch of the Master’s Hand – Pastor Dick Riley

I Quit

Part 1: I Quit Complaining
Part 2: I Quit Comparing
Part 3: I Quit Hurrying


December 1-23, 2018

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we recognize that this time of year can brings out some of the worst habits in our hearts. This Christmas season, Pastor Ron helps us discover how we can quit hurrying, worrying, comparing and complaining.




Part 1: A Vision of the Kingdom
Part 2: Intentionally Pursuing Kingdom Life
Part 3: Means of Kingdom Living


November 10-25, 2018

When God's Kingdom breaks through in our world today, it often does so in places that are fairly messy. In this series we'll be looking at the primary topic of Jesus' teaching during His earthly ministry, the Kingdom of God, and see how God moves amidst our mess to see His will done in the world.