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Weekend FAQs

  • What is the purpose of ‘J’Seekers Children’s Ministry?

    • J’Seekers exists because we believe our children are the future of the church, and there is nothing more important than their relationship with Jesus. We want to provide our children with solid biblical teaching from an early age, in hopes that they will come to know Jesus as their ‘Forever Friend’ as soon as they are ready. Formally stated, the Mission of ‘J’Seekers is “To assist the family in laying down spiritual foundations that will lead a child into a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

  • Who is ‘J’Seekers for?

  • How do I sign my child up for ‘J’Seekers?

    • During your first visit, come to the ‘New Guest Check-In’ table, where you will be asked to complete a Family Information Card. This information will be entered into our church database and check-in system, allowing us to print a secure nametag and parent pick-up tag for each of your children. That’s all there is to it. Once your child is registered the first time, you may use the Self Check-In kiosk or see the Check-In volunteer at the Regular Check-In table to receive their secure nametag for that day. On your first visit, a Check-In Volunteer will escort you to the correct classroom so you will know where to find your child after service.

  • How do I retrieve my child from their ‘J’Seekers room?

    • At the end of services, bring your Parent Pick-Up Tag to the classroom door where you dropped off your child. Present your pick-up tag to the room volunteer, initial the Room Attendance Sheet to confirm you are picking up your child, and your child will be dismissed to you with their belongings. You must have your Pick-Up Tag to retrieve your child. If for some reason it becomes lost, the Director of Children’s Ministry will ask you to confirm your identity.

  • What if my child needs me during service?

    • A room leader or volunteer will bring your child’s security code to the Visual Operator booth in the sanctuary, and your child’s security code will be displayed in the bottom corner of the video screens. If you see your child’s code there, please report to their classroom as soon as possible.

  • What curriculum is used in ‘J’Seekers?

    • BridgeWay utilizes the ‘Orange’ Curriculum, written and produced by the reThink Group, originally founded by NorthPoint Community Church in Georgia. Nursery through 4’s & 5’s classes use FirstLook, while the elementary age group uses 252Basics. This curriculum focuses on instilling ‘3 Basic Truths’ at each age level, utilizing a Large and Small group format with creative bible story teaching and engaging activities. Click here to access the Orange website for more info about FirstLook and 252Basics curriculum.

  • How can I volunteer in ‘J’Seekers?

    • Volunteers are welcome to serve in many positions within ‘J’Seekers! Based on your preferences and spiritual gifts, we will do our best to match you with a rewarding position that fuels your passion to serve. All new volunteers complete an application form and attend the ‘New Volunteer Class’ to complete the screening process. Some of the possible positions to serve include Check-In, Room Leader/Helper, Large Group Storyteller, Small Group Leader, Lesson Materials Prep, and ‘fm’ team member! For more information, check out How Can I Volunteer?