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I Quit – Part 2



Discussion Questions:

- What aspects of your life are you tempted to compare to other people? 
- How do you remind yourself of who you are in Christ?
- What can I start doing or stop doing in order to make Jesus’ name great?


I Quit – Part 1



Discussion Questions:

- What are the areas of your life you find yourself complaining about regularly?
- What are the areas of your life you could practice greater gratitude?
- Are there areas of your life you could pursue solutions rather than complaining?


Messy – Part 3



Discussion Questions:

- What means of Kingdom life have been most impactful in your life?
- Which of the means discussed during the message could be helpful for you to begin to practice in the weeks ahead?
-- Solitude
-- Silence
-- Fasting
-- Secrecy
-- Frugality
-- Bible Study
-- Prayer
-- Serving
-- Fellowship
-- Celebrate/Play
- How can our community support one another in establishing these means in our lives?


Messy – Part 2



Discussion Questions:

- How intentional have you been over the past few months about building your life around the Kingdom of God?
- What holds us back from immediate and cheerful obedience to God?
- In what ways are you seeing God’s grace at work in your life right now?
- What habits could you adopt or stop to orient your life around the Kingdom of God?

Messy – Part 1


Discussion Questions

- What is your happy place?
- Where do you long to see the Kingdom of God break through in our world today?
- How can our community be a part of helping to bring about God’s Kingdom?
- End your time together praying the Lord’s Prayer as a community.


A Little Song of Praise


November 3-4, 2018

God is worthy of all of our praise, and this message seeks to glorify God through an examination of Psalm 100 by Pastor Jeff.


Discussion Questions:

- What are the ways you worship God that bring you the most joy?

- How does the reality of God as creator shape our understanding of ourselves and of God?

- What attributes of who God is do you find most amazing?

- If you are processing this message in community, take time to worship God together through song or prayer.


How NOT to Wreck Your Life – Part 4



Small Group Discussion Questions:

- Are there areas of your life where you feel like the power of Jesus is missing?
- What barriers or complications interfere with you simply talking to God?
- Are there aspects of your life where you struggle to be real?
- How can our community encourage one another in learning the character of Jesus?

How NOT to Wreck Your Life – Part 3



Discussion Questions

- What are the problems that are confronting you in this stage of life?

- Are there parts of your life that don't fit and are causing additional problems?

- How have you seen God's abundant provision on display in your life?

- What corporate problems could we consider running after as individuals and as a group?

How NOT to Wreck Your Life – Part 2



Discussion Questions

- How comfortable are you with saying “No” when it’s needed?
- What are the situations in your life when you are more apt to say “Yes” to the wrong things?
- Have you ever practiced fasting? How did it impact your relationship with God?
- What steps can you take to create space for Sabbath and silence in you life?

How NOT to Wreck Your Life – Part 1



Discussion Questions:

- How would you describe the emotional season you are in currently? How aware are you of this reality on a day by day basis?
- How can our community support emotional health in one another?
- When you consider your emotional health, how often do you invite God into that process? What steps could you take to bring God into your emotional health in more intentional ways?