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Life Together


Welcome to the online home of our Life Together Small Group experience. We are excited to invite you a journey through one of the great classics about Christian community. Below you'll find links to a host of resources that will help you get the most out of this life changing book. Included in this study are:

  • Reading Guides - This is a tool designed to be used while reading through Life Together on your own or in preparation to discuss it with your group. Each guide includes important background information that will help you engage with the material, as well as questions for personal reflection.
  • Discussion Guides - A book about Christian community is best digested with other people! Discussion Guides provide group discussion questions to help engage and apply the wisdom of this book in a Small Group context.
  • Sermon Podcasts - BridgeWay will be preaching on themes found in Life Together from October 29 - November 27, 2016. The recording of each of these messages will be available here, and will hopefully enrich your grasp of these concepts based on the wisdom of scripture. A few questions in each discussion guide are based on material from these sermons.

If you have any questions about this material, or would like help connecting with a discussion group, please email Pastor Jeff at

  •   Reading   Guides
  • Discussion Guides
  • Sermon Podcasts

Click the links below to hear each of the sermon podcasts from this series.