9/27/2020                  Part 1
Pastor Ron Aulbach


At its core, groups are about God, Life and Others. We all need each other and like most things in life you won’t know fully what they’re like until you try them out! Sign up for online and in-person groups here. Have a few more questions? Check out our website for more info or to contact us!


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BSM Student Ministries

 High School:   Sunday Night, Sept. 27th     6:30-8:00pm

 Middle School:   Wednesday Night, Sept. 30rd    6:30-8:00pm             

      Rhythm  –  Week 2 of a 4 week series on worshipping God with our whole lives.


Be sure to watch for any special announcements from Pastor Justin on instagram bsmrockford or facebookBridgeWay Student Ministries. If you would like any other information, you can contact Pastor Justin at BridgeWay.

'J'Seekers Children's Ministry

Jr.’J’Seekers 2-5 years

Today’s Bible story:  Joseph gets a coat and goes to Egypt    Genesis 37; Jeremiah 1:5

Bottom Line:  God has a plan for me.

Memory Verse:  ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’says the LORD.”    Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

K-5th Grade

Today’s Bible Story:   Better Together  (Two people are better than one)    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Bottom Line:   Choose your friends carefully

Memory Verse:   A friend loves at all times. They are there to help when trouble comes.    Proverbs 17:17 NlrV


Giving Box picture

Giving Update:

Weekly Budget:       $ 14,529    Sept. MTD Budget:   $ 43,587    YTD Budget:    $ 305,109

Last Week Actual:   $  12,651   Sept. MTD Actual:     $ 32,680    YTD Actual:      $ 240,277

Redeeming Life Update:

Redeeming Life Pledged:     $  627,630

Redeeming Life Collected:   $  658,827

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