7/5/2020 Messy-Part 4
Pastor Justin Gill
J'Seekers Children's Ministry

Happy Summer, friends!!         

Congratulations to all of our ‘J’Seekers friends on completing this year of school!!  It was a weird end of the year, but we’re excited for you to be done and moving on to the next grade this Fall!!   In the meantime, we hope you ENJOY the summer and have lots of cool adventures and FUN experiences!!

We miss you VERY much, and we are working hard to plan for how we can meet again together in ‘J’Seekers soon!   For now, we hope you will continue to watch our ‘Sunday at Home’ videos and do the Parent CUE activities at home.  We’ll keep you posted about our next fun event that will happen sometime in July! 

Blessings to you, have an awesome summer!!!

Michelle & Christine


BSM Student Ministries

BSM will not be meeting weekly over the summer. Be sure to watch for any special announcements from Pastor Justin on instagram bsmrockford or facebookBridgeWay Student Ministries. If you would like any other information, you can contact Pastor Justin at BridgeWay.


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