What is Baptism?

Baptism is an outward demonstration of an inward change that God has done when we choose to follow Jesus. It is a symbol; as you go into the water you die to your old life and you come out of the water clean because of the saving grace offered by Jesus and entering into a new life with Him. 

  • Symbolizes God’s grace – Once you become a follower of Jesus, your sins are forgiven and you are given the grace of God. In baptism we see a symbol of God’s grace washing us clean from our old life.
  • Symoblizes your new life – When you come out of the water you are symbolizing entering into a new life in Jesus. When you choose to believe in Jesus you choose to leave the life of evil and self-focus to a life with Jesus. 
  • Publicly declare Jesus is God of your life – You announce to others that you follow Jesus and choose Him to be your leader. Your life won’t be perfect, but each day you choose to follow. 
Celebrate Baptism
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