The Goal:

This page is designed to be our digital see a need meet a need board. The idea is to share a need on the board. Then others can “see a need” and if they are able they can meet the need. Click the tag(s) to either share a need or meet a need.

Your name and information will not be shared on this page. 


Home Worker

A lady on hospice from BridgeWay is looking for help around the house. (no medical care), Monday through Friday 9am-1pm. This would be a paid position. If you are able and interested please complete the Need Met form and we will follow up!

Midland Flood Supplies

Want to help provide supplies to support our team and the people in Midland? Connect with Midland Reformed Church or United Way of Midland.


A family in the church is looking for roller blades for two of their kids! (Sz 6 youth & 7.5 Women’s)

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