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This page is designed to be our digital see a need meet a need board. The idea is to share a need on the board. Then others can “see a need” and if they are able they can meet the need. Click the tag(s) to either share a need or meet a need.

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Yard Work/Lawn Mower Maintenance
Would you be willing to help a lady from BridgeWay Community Church who is going through cancer? She has two requests:
  1. She is looking for someone(s) to weed around the gardens and yard.
  2. Someone with skills to replace a fuel filter for her riding lawn mower. (It is still being used by others to mow her lawn for her).
She lives in Rockford. More details will be given on a PM.

A family in the church is looking for roller blades for two of their kids! (Sz 6 youth & 7.5 Women’s)

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