Spiritual Habits

After the 4-week reading plan complete the “Spiritual Habits” survey by November 3, 2021.

Week 1, 10/4/21 – Digital Bible App

Mon           Matthew 3:13-17

Tues           Mark 1:14-20

Wed           Luke 4:1-13

Thurs         John 2:1-12

Fri              Matthew 5:1-12

Week 2, 10/11/21 – Digital Bible App

Mon           Mark 4:1-20

Tues           Luke 5:27-39

Wed           John 6:1-15

Thurs        Matthew 13:24-30

Fri              Mark 6:45-56

Week 3, 10/18/21 – Print Bible

Mon           Luke 11:1-13

Tues           John 10:1-18

Wed           Matthew 18:15-20

Thurs         Mark 12:28-34

Fri              Luke 11:22-34

Week 4, 10/25/21 – Print Bible

Mon           John 15:1-17

Tues           Matthew 27:32-52

Wed           Mark 16:1-20

Thurs         Luke 24:13-35

Fri              John 21:1-14

Instructions for Bible Reading and Quiet Time

For Weeks 1 and 2 the reading is to be done on a digital device using a Bible app. We recommend downloading the YouVersion Bible app on a phone or tablet. Weeks 3 and 4 are to be done with a traditional print Bible. Pick a translation that is easy for you to understand. We suggest the New International Version (NIV). For each days reading, follow the four steps below. Use the weekend to catch up if needed. Plan to spend 30-40 minutes reading and reflecting. Use this as a guide and write down what God is speaking to you each day.

  1. REPEAT: Read the selected scripture 2-3 times. 
  2. CONCENTRATE: What question is this text answering? Is there a promise to hold on to? Is there a command to follow? Is there a sin to confess? Does the text teach you something new about God
  3. COMPREHEND: What is the main idea of the text you just read? What is the verse that stands out to you? Write it down.
  4. REFLECT: What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you specifically about this text?

    After the 4-week reading plan go to www.bridgewaycommunity.org and complete the “Spiritual Habits” survey by November 3, 2021.


    Download the YouVersion Bible App:

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