When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Window

b  r  i  d  g  e  w  a  y



This series is called “Say What?” and is all about sayings that we commonly hear and use but aren’t exactly true or accurate..



Summer is a great time to change up how your group meets.  Have you had a group meeting outside? A pool day or beach day?  Possibly roast s’mores over the fire?  Try and find a date to gather and enjoy summer together! 


DISCUSSION GUIDE: June 30 – Justin Gill

“When God Closes A Door, He Opens A Window”


LIFE:  What phrase of your childhood do you look back on now and realize it was inaccurate?


  1. Read Romans 8:28, Acts 16:6-8.
  2. Have you used the phrase, “When God closes a door….”?  Have you associated it with Romans 8:28?  Have you been disappointed when a “window” did not immediately open up?
  3. Have you ever tried to “get around” the closed door and do your plan even when it did not line up with God’s plan? What happened?
  4. Name one of the closed doors in your life that was difficult at the time but now, when looking back, you can see that God’s plan was better for you.
  5. When has God closed a door and made you wait to walk through it?  Is there a “mess” in life now in which you are waiting for God to open a door?
  6. How have you grown while waiting for God’s timing?  Has the waiting produced in you humility, surrender, trust, peace, patience, and/or refinement?
  7. Are you talking with God during the waiting time and the “mess” in your life?  Seek God during this time and pray for clarity.  Remember He loves you and is with you always. Trust in Him and His perfect  timing. 

MAKE DISCIPLES:  How can you disciple others in the future when they use the phrase “When God closes a door, He opens a window”?