Person Of Interest


15 January – Ron Aulbach Matthew: 14:29-31, 15:14-18, 20:30-34

WELCOME: Spend 20-30 minutes catching up with each member of the group and sharing prayer requests. Make sure to spend a few minutes praying for each other. If possible try to have a quiet time in Matthew: 14:29-31, 15:14-18, 20:30-34.

SHARE: What is a quality in others you admire? 


  1. Read Matthew: 14:29-31, 15:14-18, 20:30-34
  2. What questions do you have for God? 
  3. Why does Jesus ask His followers questions? 
  4. Which questions that Jesus asked stand out to you? Why?
  5. What would you like Jesus to do for you?
  6. What encouragement do these verses give us?

GROW: How can we help each other grow? What would help you to grow?