Are We There Yet?


16 April – Mike Antuma Acts 1:6-11

WELCOME: Spend 15 – 20 minutes catching up with your group members and sharing prayer requests. Take some time to pray over each other. If possible try to have a quiet time in Acts 1:6-11.

SHARE: How did you experience God last week through the celebration of Easter?


  1. Read Acts 1:6-11
  2. What life journey has taken a long time to get to the destination?
  3. What would it look like in your struggles to focus on the process instead of the destination?
  4. How is the Holy Spirit working on you? What growth and change have you seen in the past 3, 6, & 12 months?
  5. What’s something you’re waiting for God to do in your life? 
  6. What is something God has told you to do in life?
  7. Do you have ways to remind yourself what God has already told you to do?

SHARE: What can you share with others that God has done or is doing in your life? What are you excited about?