Waiting On God

b  r  i  d  g  e  w  a  y



How can you show appreciation for our servicemen and women this holiday?

DISCUSSION GUIDE: May 26 – Ron Aulbach

“Waiting on God”

LIFE: What is the longest line you’ve waited in? 


  1. Read Lamentations 3:26, Hosea 12:6, Psalm 37:7, Psalm 27:14.
  2. Is there a prayer/request in which you are waiting on God’s answer currently? How long have you been waiting?
  3. What kinds of things can we learn only through waiting? What have you learned from waiting?
  4. Name a time or event where God’s timing was better than the timing you wanted. How would things be different if it had happened within your timing? 
  5. Can you recall a time or event where you rushed through too quickly and didn’t wait on God? 
  6. How can we wait quietly for the Lord?How can we maintain love & justice while waiting?
  7. W.A.I.T.  W – Write down what God is teaching you; A – Act in Faith; I –  Imitate spiritual habits that will grow you; T – Trust God’s timing.  Are you practicing these regularly?  What is one area that needs more focus for you?

MAKE DISCIPLES: Who can you share the “WAIT” acronym with?