Cain & Abel

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You’ve found a great tool to help you take the sermons deeper. Discuss these questions below with your group,  your family or a friend!  Let us know if you find this tool helpful.

Ron’s challenge: Read through Genesis, one chapter a day, as we go through this sermon series.  

DISCUSSION GUIDE: April 14 – Ron Aulbach

“Cain & Abel”

LIFE:  Where did your family come from? 


  1. Read Genesis 4:2b -16.
  2. What is wrong with one offering over the other in the story of Cain and Abel? What does this mean for us?
  3. How are we like Cain and Abel? Read Romans 3:23. What does this verse have to say about us?
  4. Do you notice your own sin daily? Do you see others sinning around you?
  5. What is your understanding of the seriousness of your sin?  How is your sin a rebellion against God? Explain why, because of how holy God is, the wages of sin is death?
  6. What is the attitude toward sin in the United States? 
  7. Genesis 4:6 says sin is crouching at the door. What sin is crouching in your life?
  8. How would you describe God’s relationship with Cain in this story? How does this give us hope?

MAKE DISCIPLES:  What do you have to give to God? How can we encourage others to give like Abel?