The Tower Of Babel

b  r  i  d  g  e  w  a  y



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Ron’s challenge: Read through Genesis, one chapter a day, as we go through this sermon series, specifically focusing on chapters 1-11!

DISCUSSION GUIDE: May 19 – Ron Aulbach

“The Tower of Babel”

LIFE: What buildings are most impressive to you? 


  1. Read Genesis 11:1-9.
  2. What is wrong with the people building the tower of babel?
  3. How are people still trying to build their “tower of babel?” How are you trying to build your tower? 
  4. How do you contribute to your city for the greater good?
  5. What impact could be had if we committed to pray for our city? 
  6. How can we partner with God to help transform our culture to a culture that praises God?

MAKE DISCIPLES: Who can you pray for to have a relationship with Jesus? What steps can you take to share Jesus with others?