The Perfect Fit

b  r  i  d  g  e  w  a  y



With what areas of the church are you already plugged in? What areas are you curious about? 


We are in “The Perfect Fit” series. In this series we’re exploring how God gifts us. If you haven’t taken a spiritual gifts test, or at least not in a while, try this one out at

DISCUSSION GUIDE: March 10 – Justin Gill

“The Perfect Fit”

LIFE: Who is the best at parallel parking in your family or friend group? And who won’t even try?


  1. Read Ephesians 4:7-13.
  2. What are spiritual gifts?
  3. Read Romans 12:4-8.
  4. Why are spiritual gifts important to a life of following Jesus? 
  5. When we go into a restaurant, we ask ourselves, “What can I get?”  Is that the same question you ask yourself when being part of the Church? 
  6. How is it an easy thing to be a “consumer” in the Church?  Why is it difficult to be a “contributor”?
  7. Why did God give us spiritual gifts?
  8. Do you know your spiritual gifts?  Are you using them?  

INVEST IN OTHERS: How can you take a step forward in using your spiritual gifts this week?  Ask God in prayer how He is calling you to use your spiritual gifts.