Pass It On

b  r  i  d  g  e  w  a  y



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DISCUSSION GUIDE: May 5 – Justin Gill

“Pass It On”

LIFE: What do you remember about your senior year of high school? What were you looking forward to? 


  1. Read Psalm 71:14-18.
  2. What is the writer in Psalm 71 hoping to pass on and to who?
  3. What has God done in your life through an older mentor that has positively impacted you?
  4. How do young people learn from us?
  5. What are you “throwing to” the next generation? What are you passing on?
  6. If we’re not throwing anything to the next generation, who is?
  7. How do we finish our lives well?
  8. Why do you have Hope in Jesus? How do we pass on the hope of Jesus to the next generation?

MAKE DISCIPLES: How can you take a step forward in mentoring the next generation?