Noah And The Flood

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Ron’s challenge: Read through Genesis, one chapter a day, as we go through this sermon series. 

DISCUSSION GUIDE: April 28 – Ron Aulbach

“Noah and the Flood”

LIFE: Have you gone to Kentucky to see the replica of Noah’s Ark? If yes, how was your experience? If not, would you like to go someday? 


  1. Read Genesis 6:9-22.
  2. Have you ever asked yourself did this really happen? Or have you always had faith that the story is true?
  3. How could God destroy human life? Where do we look to find answers for this tough question?
  4. Pastor Ron discussed the three things we learn about God in this story: God judges evil, God is patient, God offers us a covenant.  Discuss each of these and how they fit with the attributes of God. 
  5. Noah is described as a “righteous man”,  “blameless among the people” at that time. Does that mean he was perfect? Is Noah the same or different compared to us? 
  6. How does Jesus fit into this story?

MAKE DISCIPLES: What’s your next step with the questions this story raises in your mind?  How can you help someone else with these hard questions?