How Has God Blessed Your Family?

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You’ve found a great tool to help you take the sermons deeper. Discuss these questions below with your group,  your family, or a friend! Let us know if you find this tool helpful.

Ron’s challenge: Read through Genesis, one chapter a day, as we go through this sermon series, specifically focusing on chapters 1-11!

DISCUSSION GUIDE: May 12 – Ron Aulbach

“How Has God Blessed Your Family?”

LIFE: What part of family do you like the most? 


  1. Read Genesis 9:1-3, 8-13.
  2. How has God blessed your family?
  3. What does God’s covenant with Noah tell you about God?
  4. What does the image of a rainbow tell you about God?
  5. What floods of life has God brought you and your family through?
  6. We are so very blessed by God.  How can you, in turn, bless others this week?

MAKE DISCIPLES: Think of one or more family members or friends that you can ask this week how they have been blessed by God.