How To Walk With God

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You’ve found a great tool to help you take the sermons deeper. Discuss these questions below with your group,  your family or a friend!  Let us know if you find this tool helpful.

Ron’s challenge: Read through Genesis, one chapter a day, as we go through this sermon series. 

DISCUSSION GUIDE: April 21 – Ron Aulbach

“How To Walk With God”

LIFE:  How is your walk with God? Your relationship with Him.


  1. Read Genesis 5: 1-24.
  2. What stands out to you about Enoch? What does the text say that is different from the others?
  3. What kind of attributes come with a faithful walk with God?
  4. What trials has God brought you through in your life? What trials has He spared you from?
  5. What are options for next steps in faith?
  6. What’s your next step in your walk with God? 

MAKE DISCIPLES:  Who can you ask about their relationship with Jesus today?