Begging For Attention


30 October – Ron Aulbach Exodus 3:1-14

WELCOME: Spend 20-30 minutes catching up with each member of the group and sharing prayer requests. Make sure to spend a few minutes praying for each other. If possible try to have a quiet time in Exodus 3:1-14.

SHARE: Where have your thoughts been lately? What has taken high priority residence in your mind? What’s begging for your attention?


  1. Read  Exodus 3:1-14
  2. What drew Moses’ attention and why? 
  3. Why do people choose to turn towards God and what makes them turn away?
  4. How have you seen God trying to get your attention? What do you think He is doing in you?
  5. What excuses do you or others come up with to push back against God? 
  6. Moses was curious about the burning bush and seemed to find out what it was, what about God are you curious about?

OTHERS: How have you or others over-complicated prayer? How can you bring someone else along on your prayer journey?