Faith & Deeds

Faith & Deeds

15 October – Justin Gill James 2:14-18

WELCOME: Spend 15 – 20 minutes catching up with your group members and sharing prayer requests. Take some time to pray over each other. If possible try to have a quiet time in James 2:14-18.

SHARE: Share a story of an embarrassing moment as a kid. 


  1. Read James 2:14-18.
  2. What do these verses have to do with hypocrisy? 
  3. What evidence is there that someone believes?
  4. How do we produce fruit as is said in Luke 6:43-45?
  5. What fruit are you producing? What does that mean about your heart? What is your heart full of?
  6. As we spend more time with Jesus, we can become more like Him. How can you increase your time with Jesus a little bit?

OTHERS: How can you impact the world/others for good this week? How can your group or family encourage each other as well?