8 January – Mike Exodus 14:10-27

WELCOME: Spend 20-30 minutes catching up with each member of the group and sharing prayer requests. Make sure to spend a few minutes praying for each other. If possible try to have a quiet time in Exodus 14:10-27.

SHARE: What biblical story has stood out to you the most throughout your life?


  1. Read Exodus 14:10-27
  2. What do you notice about God in this story? What about people?
  3. What is something you seem to forget repeatedly in life?
  4. What ways have you seen God rescue you in life?
  5. What do you need to do to make space to reflect on the things God has already done for you?
  6. What rhythms have you set up that continue to foster a relationship with Jesus?
  7. Who is someone that encourages you in your relationship with Jesus?

Community: How can you continue to take part in a community that points you toward Jesus?