Having A Vision For Your Life

Having A Vision For Your Life

20 August – Ron Aulbach Romans 12:2

WELCOME: Spend 15 – 20 minutes catching up with your group members and sharing prayer requests. Take some time to pray over each other. If possible try to have a quiet time in Romans 12:2.

SHARE: What has been a highlight of your summer? 


  1. Read Romans 12:2.
  2. What kinds of things have caused you the most growth in your life?
  3. What systems of conformity do you see in our culture today?
  4. What are some patterns of this world that are easy to conform to? Why is that the case?
  5. How are we called to be different from the world, as Christians?
  6. How are we transformed? How can we encourage this transformation? 

OTHERS: What can we do this week to encourage each other towards the renewing of our mind? As you take time with God this week, could you send a verse, or encouragement to others to find a few minutes to be rooted in the word and prayer?